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Holistic Therapies

Transformational Healing Therapies

Benefit from centuries-old knowledge and unique new approaches

Honour Your Divinity has decades in the practice and development of holistic therapies. We place our focus on healing, growth and development of the individual as a whole.

We have refined the therapies we offer based on our experience. Today we offer an array of therapies that are rooted both in ancient knowledge and proven modern methods of treatment. We bring to your healing session centuries of knowledge from East and West, as well as new & unique healing approaches.

When you book a session with Honour Your Divinity you are meeting with a knowledgeable, engaged and insighful holistic practitioner who devoted her entire life to learning, developing and practising her innate talent and abilities.

Our selection of therapies has changed over time, to reflect our own evolution. We left behind therapies that we didn’t find sufficiently powerful for our standards and adopted new ones that have significantly benefited our clients.  We created a new modality that blends the best of what is out there and distills its teachings and benefits to bring the most well-being possible in a single therapy.

You can be assured that Honour Your Divinity offers you the optimal array of therapies to help you heal and develop your inner self through a truly transformative experience with a provider of unmatched breath and depth of knowledge and ability.  See what our clients have to say.

Current Offerings Ready to Start Your Healing Journey?

JOY™ of Being Yourself


Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

Energy Healing

Therapeutic Yoga

Tarot Readings For Guidance

Emotional Cord Removal

Session Types We offer In-Person sessions for all modalities.
Most modalities can also be done via video, using Zoom

For more information and bookings please contact us.