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JOY™ Awaken to the JOY of Being Yourself

JOY™ – Honour Your Divinity’s unique therapy is a customised healing sequence tailored to your needs, so as to bring you back into balance, wholeness with integrity and joy. JOY™ therapy will help you tap into your own sacred (Divine) signature and allow you to maintain an optimistic attitude, making choices on intuition and wisdom instead of social expectations, and more importantly, you will feel empowered as never before.

This advanced and unique holistic healing technique takes you on a fast and conscious inner journey where you will change your internal dialogue and will be able to develop a completely different attitude to yourself, your environment, and your life.

JOY™ therapy helps you heal at the deepest and most profound level, creating lasting freedom and relief from the pain and fear that keep you from living a full, happy, and joyful life.

Enjoy the freedom to choose a much happier life, free of patterns and behaviours which are holding you back, and discover the Joy of Being Yourself.

Erika Behringer combines her innate gift with decades of experience, deep knowledge, comprehensive research, and a multitude of trainings.  Not only does Erika possess the knowledge passed down by generations of healers in her family, but is also constantly exploring new therapies and upgrading her expertise. This singular background and thorough approach allows her to be able to assist her clients in accessing their own inner wisdom in a faster and more efficient way.

Insightful and knowledgeable, Erika possesses a complex understanding of many interconnected disciplines and operates with a very professional and calming presence and a sincere heartful approach to her clients. She can help you become unstuck, feel great about yourself, experience more happiness, more fulfillment, feel more empowered and finally, guide you to step into your greatest Self.

If you would like a deeper connection with yourself and a better understanding of what holds you back, have a  one-on-one JOY™ session with Erika Behringer and get lasting change and transform your life for the better.

Discover your passion in life, thrive, and live your purpose.

To make sure that you reap all the benefits of this modality, when you start your JOY™ of Being Yourself journey you must commit to a minimum of three sessions.



For more information and bookings please contact us.