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Therapeutic Yoga

Honour Your Divinity offers individual one-on-one, Personal Training Yoga sessions as well as group classes.

Therapeutic Yoga is a type of yoga designed to aid and speed up the healing process for a number of illnesses and injuries.

This specific type of Yoga was specifically designed for use in hospitals and other healthcare facilities as it aims to relieve anxiety and pain while safely working to strengthen muscles and posture. Therapeutic Yoga, commonly known as Restorative Yoga, is an adaptation of traditional Ashtanga Yoga, a combination of restorative postures, gentle movements, breathing techniques, and meditation. 

Yoga helps you achieve stillness and gain balance in your life.

Yoga brings a feel of peacefulness and flow to your whole body and mind.

Our one-on-one yoga classes are designed according to the needs and requirements of the individual. Particularly adequate for those restricted by a busy work schedule, Personal Training Yoga Sessions will help you to significantly improve your yoga capabilities over a shorter period of time as well as boost its therapeutic effects. Maximize the advantage of each Yoga class and achieve your goals faster.

Erika studied all aspects of Yoga with prominent teachers and completed a highly intensive Yoga Teacher’s Training in an Ayurveda Hospital in the Tamil region in southern India, where tradition and religiosity have remained unchanged for centuries. She also studied yoga philosophies, including meditation, religions, history, mysticism and Sanskrit.

Nowadays, most teacher training courses have between 20 and 200 students, a fact that diminishes the benefits each student receives from this training. Erika’s training was conducted under the ancient yoga Gurukul system, which entails individual coaching. Therefore each student spends quality time in advanced one-to-one classes with the teacher, learning and mastering Yoga, and maximizing the depth of the learned subjects through theory, practice and meditation. Erika pays homage to this tradition by devoting as much time and attention to each individual as possible.

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