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What Our Clients Say About Us

Before I went to hypnotherapy I felt I would be afraid and scared that I would not be able to say or speak the right words. But I decided to go as I was sick of feeling depressed and did not want to feel this way for the rest of my life after suffering for years from this condition.

I went to Erika to have the Rapid Transformational Therapy session, and I felt at complete ease with Erika, she is very easy to talk to and not judgmental. Erika was there to help. Through the session, words just came up automatically and my story came out. Afterwards I felt a great release and much lighter and happier. Hypnotherapy has changed my life and now I choose to see life in a new positive way. I am complete. I thank you so much, Erika!



One morning I came across a flyer advertising a personal yoga instructor and thought I’d give her a try.
Little did I know that this was not only the beginning of some amazing one on one yoga classes, it was also the Universe bringing me together with a truly wonderful soul who I am so grateful for so many things.

Erika is an inspiration…..wiser beyond her years. When I was going through the depths of anxiety, hopelessness and depression due to my marital break-up—among other life event—she was there to offer her advice, lift my spirits and give amazingly accurate readings which inspired and motivated me to carry on.

This lady is unique…truly a Beautiful Soul, she is multi talented and blessed with true psychic abilities and a contagious sparkling light within. Her authenticity shines through in her every word… every movement.

An amazing teacher of Yoga, Energy Healer, Crystal Healing……and all things holistic and pure.

Intuitive and Serene.

I am grateful beyond words to have the pleasure of knowing Erika Behringer



Erika is one of the best intuitive energy healers I have come across. She is a very gentle soul and her intention is always to help and guide you in the best way possible. She makes you feel at ease from the moment you arrive and I would consider her to be a trusted friend that I’m delighted to have been introduced to. There has never been a session that I have come away from without feeling ten-times better. I would highly recommend that you have a healing session with Erika. With her advice and guidance you know you are being looked after.



I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths and to have been trained by Erika. A beautifully authentic soul with sincere integrity and a genuine passion in The Healing Arts. As a practitioner myself I have no hesitation to recommend Erika as I know from personal experience that she greets each client’s individually with patience, compassion and 100% focus. It has been a true pleasure. Thank you.



Things do not happen by chance… meeting Erika in Ireland was one of the best things that happened in my life and every day I thank God for it.

She came into my life when I needed it the most:

I was suffering from many paranormal attacks, that much, that my health and sleep was disrupted. Then, Erika helped me by illuminated my life, giving me answers to all the questions that I had for so long. She was a key in my life, she reinforced my belief and my confidence, I opened my mind to a positive way of thinking. She gave me the solution to the problem.

Furthermore, every time I need her, she is always there to help me and clear my doubts.

She is a friend, a spiritual guide, a support, a pure and white soul!!!



Erika is a dedicated long experienced healer. Her professionalism kindness attentiveness instantly puts you at ease. Erika’s vast knowledge, gained over many many years has helped me move forward spiritually more than I ever could imagine. In only 1 session Erika’s energy healing helped relieve hip pain I had since I was a child. Erika gave me Holographic Kinetic healing and this has given me freedom from many spiritual issues. I am so very grateful to Erika for this. The Holographic Kinetic Healing I received from Erika provided me with change that has stayed and in fact gotten better over time.

I recommend Erika most highly



Erika has helped me to get rid of many unhealthy recurrent feeling and emotions that were damaging my everyday life. She takes time to listen with kindness and caring and she manages to find the root of the Problem. I definitely recommend her.



I went to the house for the first time since you had done the session on it…..and the energy was totally clear!!!! I can’t quite believe it!!!!! It feels like a total miracle! Forever grateful for all the work you have done there! It feels so clear and light, I really do keep pinching myself!  I can’t express how grateful I am to you for the continuous work you have done with it and your persistence until it had been cleared!  Thank You so much again Erika! I am totally blown away!!! Infinite gratitude,



As a complete newcomer to Energy Healings, I went along to meet Erika for the first time, with mixed feelings of hope, anticipation and also some tiny degree of skepticism.I left feeling completely blown away by the experience, and for the first time in a long time, I felt renewed and energised, and fitting in my skin. Personally, Erika is a truly gentle, loving and supportive individual, who can connect with the person you are and support and encourage that important trust in self. Through my sessions with her, Erika has, and continues to reinforce my own beliefs, my own sense of spirituality, and my own sense of purpose.



To everyone – Yoga is very good for kids because it’s good fun and fun exercise. I learned about the yoga cards and had fun telling the stories from the cards. The best thing was learning Yoga. I also loved the magic stones because they are magic and protect me.

Marc, 10 years old



Kind hearted and genuinely wants to help. Erika has helped me work through a lot over the past few years using Holographic Kinetics and it has improved my quality of life immensely, I hold her in high regard.



An extraordinary experience!!! I had difficulty looking within. While working with Erika I was able to reach my unconscious mind. That’s why Erika’s sensitivity and humanity while treating me were of the utmost importance. Outstanding!

Your life will change after the first session — because you will feel the freedom within yourself to make different choices and therefore it will change your path in life.



I started Yoga while travelling Oz, I have many different yoga teachers throughout my travels. I started with Erika nearly 2 years and it is by far the most enjoyable experience to date. It is a great workout and I call it my ‘mental health’ time. Is my part of the week that I unwind. Erika is great she always does a variety of activities, she always adds in information on how and where the exercise will affect you. Her demonstration and explanation is very clear and she always has time to help you with the more advanced poses. I like that she can read the group and challenge you to your limit. I have grown physically and mentally throughout the time and I am stronger for it.

Thank you Erika.



I would highly recommend Erika to anyone looking for a treatment and/or looking to develop their healing skills. I was fortunate enough to attend her workshops, as well as receiving treatments.

I have never met anyone as genuinely gifted, knowledgeable and humble as Erika and I feel truly honoured to have crossed her path.

I wish Erika all the best in the future, with all the success and happiness she truly deserves.



I first met Erika when I joined her “Art of Tarot Reading” course. I was at a time of soul searching and indecision about the future, after a rough and life changing couple of years.

From the beginning I found her to be the most gifted and intuitive person I have ever had the good fortune to meet.

As a teacher she is patient and infinitely knowledgeable about her subject, but most of all she has the gift of being able to inspire someone to want to keep on learning.

I subsequently went to Erika for a personal Tarot reading and was amazed by her intuition and the accuracy of the readings. The guidance and support she has given me is Invaluable.

I thank the Angel’s for helping me meet this amazingly gifted person, Thank you so much Erika.



I tried Yoga many years ago, however was disappointed by the experience. A distant and unfriendly instructor meant so I eventually gave up after a few weeks. Fast forward a number years and I decided to try yoga again. I joined Erika’s group and within 20 minutes I knew I had found my instructor. Erika is very professional, the classes are small and she makes sure that everyone works within their abilities. She adapts postures to suit the individual, and as someone who suffers with back problems I feel confident within the postures, and feel the benefits in the days following the class.

The class atmosphere is warm and welcoming. It is obvious that Erika is passionate in what she does and respects and appreciates those who attend her classes. She is a very warm hearted instructor who approaches individuals with sensitivity and encouragement. Her explanation and demonstration of poses are clear and confident. Erika exudes an energy that is not only calming, but also uplifting and fun. Whether you are a seasoned yoga devotee or a first timer I highly recommend her classes.



On many occasions in the last two years I have needed to attend Erika for sessions of healing. Even on our first meeting I found her to be very intuitive, and without direction, picked out my issues that need attention.

Due to her lifetime experience, exposure to and study of her subjects, you will find someone with an innate ability to look after you as a client.

I will be eternally grateful to her for all her kind and so professional help.

Sometimes we need to look beyond what we presently know to find the help we need.



Not only did Erika’s antenatal yoga help to prepare my body for childbirth, but I have no doubt that she helped me to get into the right mental and emotional zone for it. My birth experience could not have gone better and I think it has to be attributed to having the ability and quiet confidence to enter a hypnotic state of mind and relax into the demands of labour. Even with only practicing the yoga for the hour or so in the class each week, this ‘time-out’ proved crucial to my approach to the imminent birth ahead.

This was my second baby, and the first experience was not as I would have wished. This time round I had no interventions at all, no drugs, just as nature intended. I moved freely as I felt the urge, having used heat packs and a hot bath for relief during the build-up. At the end I delivered my daughter standing up and caught her along with the help of my very competent midwife.

I was truly at the centre of my experience. I felt elated and empowered. And still do! I enjoyed Erika’s classes. Whilst we spent the whole class focused on the yoga, it was relaxed, and she tailored every position for each woman according to her ability and stage of pregnancy. I’m a teacher too, probably the toughest critic, and I was pleased as she teaches well. I would recommend her to anyone.



My little girl Niamh arrived on the 22nd of July. Thanks to all your labour postures and breathing advices, she arrived naturally … less than a hour after we reached the hospital (no time for epidural!) Your pregnancy class has been very helpful and I definitely recommend it to friends.



I wanted to do pregnancy yoga to keep me somewhat fit and toned throughout my pregnancy but primarily to prepare me for labour. I had it in my head that I wanted as natural a birth as possible and that i wanted to stay in control and calm throughout. I found out about Erika on the internet and signed up to classes when I was about 14 weeks. From the beginning I loved the classes I could feel I was doing something healthy but more importantly I felt relaxed and refreshed after. Erika has a lovely way of challenging you without pushing you too far!! The yoga was designed to help us with back pain, strengthening our leg muscles, relieving tension and increasing our opening!!! The hour flew by. The relaxation and visualisation at the end was lovely and really helped with the deep breathing which helped in labour.

I was unable to continue towards the end but with the notes Erika gave I was able to do the yoga every day at home followed by visualisation/meditation. In the end I had a natural birth with no stitches and I honestly believe the yoga helped me, the things that came back to me during labour – the breathing techniques, the positions to be in during contractions and most importantly staying calm and focused. I would highly recommend pregnancy yoga with Erika.



As a competitive squash player I have put my joints particularly my knees through a lot of wear a tare over the years. A friend advised me to go to yoga classes as he felt that it would help me with my stiffness and prolong my competitive playing.

While I find some of the exercise very difficult and physically hard for me to execute, the benefits have been well worth the effort. Since I started over 3 months ago I have noticed hat my balance and ability to stretch has improved which is allowing me to play more often, up to 5 times per week with no effects the following day.

If you are active person and want to maintain a high physical level and stay injury free, I would definitely recommend yoga as part of your programme.



Since I started Yoga classes with Erika I have enjoyed every moment of every class, so much that I attend 2 classes per week. Erika is a natural teacher and a constant inspiration. Her natural good humour creates a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which to learn. I believe yoga is a must when doing other frequent exercise, it provides strength and stamina to the whole body thereby improving one’s own fitness level.

I’m a fan for life, thank you Erika!



Thank you most sincerely for all the care and attention you have shown my daughter in the treatment of her Psoriasis. Liz was extremely self-conscious of the fact that her skin condition was so noticeable and was at her wits end trying to disguise it as she is at her teenage years and of course she is very self-conscious of her body and the way she looks. Since she has been to see you the change in her is the most wonderful sight to see, she is now more and more happier with herself and of course since the treatment you gave her has worked so well her psoriasis has almost cleared completely.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your wonderful work and we both wish you the very best of every success in the future.

Mary & Liz


I have studied yoga with Erika Behringer at her classes for some considerable time and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

Erika is an excellent teacher and hugely knowledgeable on her subject.

She ensures you get the perfect teaching for your ability and present flexibility, and constantly monitors each individual within her classes.

Studying Yoga increases flexibility and strength and makes a body suppler, and therefore less likely to suffer injury.

It is being used now by many Triathlon athletes to increase their ability to perform without injury in their arduous sport.

Yoga for men should be a must for any man who wishes to improve his lifestyle and health.

Mark A


When it was first suggested to me to take a course in card reading I really hadn’t considered anything like it before.

Miss Behringer, having experience since childhood, instructed us gently through the theories and background to the art of card reading.

Great improvement was found in the use of intuition and belief in the ability of yourself.

It was a fantastic learning experience and I would promote it to anyone, with or without a direct interest.

Thank you Erika

Mark B


Without finding any relief after having different treatments for my back pain I met Erika Behringer and I have to say that my life changed when I received her help and guidance.

Erika’s inner peace inspires me to experience calm in my life like never before.

I thank God for giving me the opportunity of meeting such a person.



Something was missing in my life and i couldn’t figure out what it was. This might sound odd but I felt that my head was not connected to my body and that I was living life day after day just existing. I was always tired, I was not sleeping great, had stress, pain in my shoulders and neck…

I had heard that a cousin of mine was doing yoga so I said I would give it a try.

I feel like a new woman now. I sleep great and don’t let things stress me out like I used to.

Erika, the yoga teacher, is a really nice person, she has a lot of experience in the field, and I get a great vibe off her.

Thank you Erika for changing my outlook on life. XXX.

I thank God for giving me the opportunity of meeting such a person.



I started yoga a few months ago, it was recommended to me by my occupational therapist to help strengthen my shoulder muscles.

I wasn’t sure what to expect the first night but Erika was very friendly and informative.

After that I was hooked and look forward to the class each week. I feel completely de-stressed and re-energised afterwards.

I would highly recommend Erika to anyone interested in Yoga.