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Honour Your Divinity Worshops & Special Courses

Classes, Workshops & Courses

Learn tools to improve your life and that of those around you

Honour Your Divinity has been developing and teaching workshops for more than 15 years. We build our curricula with care and have improved, strengthened, and polished our content over time to reflect our most up-to-date knowledge.

The current selection is a refined curation with a focus on that which drives greater impact and wellbeing to all participants.  What you see in this list is “what works”, what we have witnessed to be highly rewarding and provide lasting benefits to attendees.

We partner with organizations and individuals in the UK and abroad to host informative, renewing and transformational courses and lectures which greatly complement their own offerings and bring new teachings and growth to their communities.  If you are looking for specific content that you would like us to present at your seminar or workshop, please contact us with more information.

Current Workshop Offerings

Transformational Life Course

A journey to remembering who you truly are

It Is Your Rightful Place - Female Empowerment Workshop

Awaken the power within and drop the fake “woman” you were told you are.

Freedom from Interference in Your Life

Clear your path ahead now, and learn to remain free in the future!

The Art of Tarot Reading

Acquire the knowledge for a truly empowering reading

Therapeutic Yoga Workshop

Discover a world of yoga designed to aid the natural healing process

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